Sunday, 9 March 2014

7.3.14 Friday Storeroom and Abuko

Ann was not well today, was it a bug or was it the prawns?  We will never know, either way she wanted to stay at home for the day.  Steve and I went to the storeroom and sorted out a delivery for Abuko school where Mr Jallow teaches in the afternoon.  We set off and arrived before lunch to be greeted by the head teacher and Mr Jallow who arranged for some bigger boys to unload all the boxes into the Principals office.  The head of the school management committee was also there and they were all very grateful for the reading books and resources which we had put together for them.  The school is one of the larger ones, with 1925 pupils on a two shift system, and classrooms 3 storeys high.  We left and made our way to visit Ibraima, the school caretaker at Naata, who has a problem with his dog at the moment.  The dog lives in the grounds of our nursery and acts as a guard in the night, she has a large infestation of mango fly worm at the moment, so armed with Vaseline, disinfectant and tweezers, Steve, Ibraima and I spent well over an hour removing as many as we could find.  This drama was watched by at least a dozen children, who were fascinated by our diligence.  Finally, we couldn’t find any more and left Ibraima with instructions and medication in case there is a recurrence.  As Ann is not eating today, we decided to stop at Neil’s bar on the way home for dinner, so we are not eating in front of her.  A new shop has opened next to the bar and I got a long sleeved T shirt to wear to keep warm, as this cold wind doesn't seem to be going at all.  We arrived home late in the afternoon, and decided to watch a film so Ann could retire early this evening and catch up on some sleep.

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