Sunday, 9 March 2014

26.2.14 Wednesday. Belle Vue Girls Arrive

Fiona set off to Nemasu for her last morning this year, and I went to the storeroom, Steve stayed at home this morning, waiting for the arrival of the newly booked minibus. I sorted out the last minute things for Ndungu Kebbeh for the girls, and also some of the strange items we have been given (including a chain saw!) for an auction this afternoon which Doug was chairing.  The minibus driver arrived at the house and Steve called for me to go home and inspect it – not the same standard as the one we had booked unfortunately, but the driver was very friendly, and there were 14 seats of the bench type variety.  The other was fully upholstered and all the doors and windows operated properly, but beggars cannot be choosers as they say.  Fiona came home and we all had lunch before driving to Holiday Beach club to meet our school party.  The 10 girls and 4 teachers arrived to much excitement and we all went into the hotel restaurant area so that we could get to know each other and fill in all the forms for the hotel.  There was a mild panic over ants on the floor (wait till we get to the village) but everyone settled down quickly and went off to locate their rooms.  Steve and I sat down with Tess, the group organiser, and made a quick shopping list of items required for the village, vegetables mainly and then salty snacks for the journey, so that we do not dehydrate.  Everyone chose their meal for tonight at GTS and we went and gave in the order before going off shopping.  We arrived home in time for a quick change before going back to GTS for the evening meal.  Ousman joined us and brought the special priority letter he has arranged for the minibus to cross on the first ferry each way.  Everyone enjoyed the food and the company and then we retired early as we have to be on the road by 5am in the morning.

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