Friday, 21 March 2014

10.3.14 Monday Ladies who lunch

Doug arrived at 5.45am to help Steve with the driving to Kaur this morning.The two of them set off just after 6am with Kebba, and I went back to bed for a couple of hours.  Kebba had arranged to meet Sanaba on the way and they were going with Steve to make sure that there were ‘nice’ facilities for the boys and Miss Fox to use for their 3 night stay.  Ann and I got up and had breakfast and then we decided to go for a long walk on the beach.The wind has dropped, so maybe it will be warmer today.  The sea is still eroding the coastline of The Gambia, there are high level meetings with the Government going on about how to arrest it’s progress.  The beach at our end of the bay is not too badly affected, we still have about 75 yards of beach at high tide, however outside some of the hotels in the Kololi area the sea reaches the perimeter wall of the hotel at high tide; and large sandbags have been deployed to stop it flooding into the hotel grounds.  Ann and I walked for over an hour and then stopped at a bar with a commanding view of the ocean for lunch.  We enjoyed the rest and the lunch and then walked back for the afternoon at home.  Steve and Doug arrived home by 6pm, earlier than we had expected, having been to Jamwelly and Kaur to inspect the work done by the builders at both locations; and to deliver the next lot of books for the new library.  Doug retrieved his quad bike and went off home, Steve was understandably tired, and so we just walked round to Neil’s bar for an early supper.

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