Thursday, 27 March 2014

26.3.14 Wednesday. BBQ

Gordon, Sharon and family arrive today.  Steve had some shopping to do as we had decided to have a BBQ this afternoon and invited Chris, Pauline, Marjorie and Olivia as well.  Kebba, Steve and I went to the storeroom first with the boxes of airbeds and nets we had used this weekend and other charity things we wanted out of the house.  We unloaded the truck at the store, then Steve set off to do the shopping and to drop off the cous for Mr Jallow we had collected at Pallen.  Kebba went back home and I stayed at the store for a while to sort out some boxes of nursery items for Chris.  Last week they had broken down in a taxi and got a tow from some guys who were telling her about a nursery school which needed things.  I packed 3 boxes and then returned home where Kebba was washing down the garden furniture to get rid of all the dust which accumulates very quickly here.  Together we got everything ready for the guests arriving before Omar, the minibus driver arrived to take me to the airport to meet the new arrivals.  The plane was on time and the luggage was out straight away so we were not waiting for long.  We piled into the minibus and set off for home, it is more than 2 years since the girls have been, and 7 years since Jack came to us as a student, so there have been a lot of changes for them to see.  We arrived home to find Steve waiting for us, got everything unloaded and then I helped Steve prepare the food for the BBQ.  The others arrived, without Marjorie who is having a bread making lesson at the hotel, and everyone was introduced, drinks distributed and the socialising began.  A very pleasant afternoon round the pool for everyone, we sat outside until the sun was going down and it started to get a little chilly, Chris and the others left and we went inside for a hot drink.  Ousman called to see everyone after his night class and then we all had an early night, the travellers wanting to catch up with some sleep.

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