Saturday, 22 March 2014

16.3.14 Sunday. Home again

The boys were all awake and packing up their things by torchlight around 6am, we quickly dressed, and packed all our things into the truck and then helped with the mosquito nets. (there is a definite art to this)  We were all packed and ready to go just after daybreak.  Mr Jarjussey came to see everyone off, and we all set off for the journey back.  We arrived in Farafenni where we were hoping to buy fruit, but the seller had not arrived, and so we made the decision not to wait and continue to Kalagie for breakfast on the way back.  We arrived at the ferry terminal where the queue was not too long and we managed to get on the large ferry with a promise that the boys would be right behind us on the small one.  Arsalan and Atique were travelling in our truck, and they got out and sat upstairs for the short journey across.  We set off down the road to Kalagie where we ordered plates of chips for the boys.  There was no electric power and so the drinks were not very cold and the coffee was not very warm!  Still the chips were ready soon after Omar arrived with the rest of the party and we were able to have breakfast before getting back on the road home.  Mr Sallah had asked us for firewood and charcoal from the roadside on the way back and we stopped to buy both.  Ousman then rang to tell us that there was a shortage of fuel in the Banjul area; queues everywhere,  and warned us to fill up before returning.  We managed to find a service station which had fuel, we filled both the truck and a container for Ousman, and Omar managed to get some as well.  We arrived back at Holiday Beach Club before 2pm and dropped off the boys before returning home for a siesta.  Steve cooked dinner, then we had a film on when Chris Brown and Pauline arrived with a parcel from England.  They had just arrived in the country.  An early night!

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