Friday, 21 March 2014

12.3.14 Wednesday. Departure and Arrival

We must be familiar faces at the airport now!  Ann packed and was ready to go by 11am and so we set off once more to the airport.  Ann checked in and then we sat in the restaurant upstairs to wait for the plane to arrive.  The wind had got up again and the flight was slightly late arriving and had to land facing west instead of east as usual.  We saw Ann through to departures and then we went to Kairaba shopping centre to stock up on food and water for the Belle Vue Boys trip up country tomorrow.  Then, onto Holiday Beach Club where the boys are staying whilst in Kololi.  We waited in the meeting room out of the sun for the coach to arrive, met them to great excitement all round and then had a short meeting with them to discuss the plans for tomorrow.  Omar, the driver arrived with his minibus and we loaded most of the water into the back space, and gave the snacks to Miss Fox for the journey.  It will be hotter up country and essential to keep drinking water and eating salty snacks..  Everyone was checked in at reception and then we left them so we could do some more shopping for provisions for the next 4 days.  We arrived back home to find Sanaba waiting to see us and he and Kebba helped pack the vegetables and more salt snacks into banana boxes to make them easier to carry on the back of the truck.  Round to the storeroom once again to load the airbeds and mosquito nets necessary for the boys’ stay.  Once again Neil’s for supper before an early night.

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