Sunday, 9 March 2014

3.3.14 Monday. University of Plymouth party

Oh dear!  The night was not as planned as I was sick all night long.  Probably not enough salt yesterday!  I was too ill to go to school this morning, so Steve and Ann went to the turntable to meet both the Belle Vue and the University parties.  All arrived on time and Steve drove to Nemasu with everyone following.  First lesson of the day on Monday is sport for nursery one, so Steve was able to use Fatou’s classroom to have a meeting with the University people, whilst Belle Vue visited each classroom and then at break time, both parties played games with the pupils before they all returned to their classrooms for the next lesson. Class 2 were painting and producing prints of hands and feet, whilst class 3 were using Play Doh to cut out shapes and learn their names.  All the members of both parties visited the classrooms before everyone packed up to go back to their hotels.  We had arranged to have Belle Vue for a BBQ this afternoon, and so Ann and Steve had been shopping on their way home and both worked very hard to get everything ready for 3pm.  I was feeling a little washed out, and certainly was not eating, so sat on the sidelines whilst everyone joined in and most had a swim this afternoon.  All left around 6.30 and I went back to bed whilst Ann and Steve watched a film for the evening.

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