Saturday, 22 March 2014

19.3.14 Wednesday. Belle Vue Boys Return Home

This morning the school party is leaving, so I got up and prepared a CD of all the photographs I had taken during their visit.  We took Kebba to meet them and drove to Holiday Beach Club to say our Goodbyes.  I had done a breakdown of how we had spent their money, a list of the builders, and the total spend for their display at school. The coach arrived and everyone shook hands and hugged before climbing aboard for their journey to the airport.  We returned home via the storeroom where we loaded the truck ready for deliveries tomorrow.  On arriving back at the house we met the ladies who were once more sorting out the boxes for the clinic.  We sent out for bread and we all had sandwiches and a drink before Pauline and Marjorie set off for Kassamas once more, whilst Chris, Olivia and I relaxed in and around the pool.  Eventually Pauline returned, refilled the taxi, went to Mansea Beach and then returned for the rest of the ladies.  Steve and I got changed and walked around to Neil’s bar where we were meeting Doug and Sandra before they headed off to the airport and home for the summer.  We had a meal and a chat with them, saw them off in their friend’s car, and then walked back home for the rest of the evening.

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