Sunday, 9 March 2014

6.3.14 Thursday. Naata

After a leisurely breakfast we decided to take Ann to visit Naata and Mr Jallow this morning.  The weather is still unpredictable and we have high winds and chilly evenings at the moment, but it managed to stay warm and sunny for our visit.  We arrived at break-time and were greeted by lots of the pupils who like to come and shake hands, sometimes clutching their ice drinks, which makes their hands very cold.  Momodou has decided to stay at the school and seems to have settled back into teaching now.  We met with Mr Jallow, toured the school, watched some lessons taking place, and then left to go shopping in Serrekunda.  We managed to source most of our purchases and then called at Yashmina for a long lunch, before returning home for the evening, where Steve cooked prawns for dinner, before we watched another film.

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