Saturday, 22 March 2014

20.3.14 Thursday. Nemasu and Naata for the Ladies

Steve set off in good time to meet the Ladies at Mansea and take them first to Nemasu and then to Naata this morning.  I went to the storeroom to sort out deliveries for tomorrow.  We are down to the last 50 or so boxes now, and are trying to fulfil all promises before we return to the UK at the end of April.  Steve delivered goods to Nemasu Senior Secondary School whilst the Ladies were at the nursery school; and then whilst they were at Naata he delivered boxes to Kunkachan school just opposite the nursery school.  I returned home just before Steve who arrived with bread for sandwiches.  Sanaba came to visit us, and shared our lunch, and then we relaxed round the pool this afternoon.  A film to round off the day.

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