Friday, 1 May 2015

12th April, 2015. Sunday. Lunch with friends by the beach.

12th April, 2015. Sunday.  Lunch by the beach
Sheila and I spent the morning in the storeroom sorting the remaining boxes and tidying up.  We then returned to the house, a shower and change and then
Steve, Sheila and I went to Cabanas a bar overlooking the sea for lunch with Ousman and Agie.  They were on Gambian time of course and we waited over an hour for them to arrive.  No problem as we were watching the sea, having a drink and tapas whilst we waited.  This bar is lovely, but like all the tourist places this year, very quiet.  Eventually they arrived and we had lunch together before heading home for the rest of the day. A relaxing afternoon in the garden, we actually had power tonight and were able to watch a film.

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