Friday, 1 May 2015

13th April. 2015. Monday. Naata with visitors.

Sheila and I set off just after 9am to collect Chris, Robbie and Joanne from Mansea Beach hotel.  We had loaded the truck yesterday with extra boxes for the teachers and managed to unload them all at Naata with Ibraimas help into the office.  All the work has been completed in time for the new term, the blackboards have been repainted and new cupboards delivered for the teachers to use.  Mr Jallow was taking classes 2 and 3 whilst Momodou and Abdoulie sorted the bookcase corner out in class 2.  Any book which was spoilt was taken out and new ones added from the new delivery. Joanne and Robbie were shown around by Chris as it is their first visit.  The pupils sung for us, and we organised some of the new toys to be brought out for them to play with, these were taken into class 3, such excitement as new toys appeared and eager hands reached to get them. We watched and explained how to use some of toys for a while before taking our leave late morning.  Straight to the storeroom, Chris wanted her charity boxes for the animal charities she supports. Once more our truck was loaded up, then off  to Neil's bar. We rang Steve and he walked around to join us for a cold drink and an early lunch.  After an hour or two I ran the guests back to Mansea beach, unloaded their boxes whilst Steve and Sheila walked home where I joined them for the rest of the day.

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