Friday, 1 May 2015

18th April, 2015 Saturday. tasks and tourism

I had to go to two banks today to sort out the wages for our nursery schools, Steve was going to get some photocopying done on Kairaba avenue.  We have been trying for three weeks to get photocopying, but with all the power cuts we had not yet succeeded; now it is urgent as we are traveling tomorrow,  Steve dropped me in Kololi with Sheila and we went to the second bank to post the money for Mr Sowe who has no branch of Access bank nearer than 100 miles. Steve was still not back so we went to Yashminas for morning coffee. Steve arrived back having found somewhere with power for the photocopying we returned home for the afternoon to get everything ready for our trip,  Sheila has decided to stay behind with Pauline and Olivia and help with the clinic deliveries.  That means that we can all get in one minibus instead of two.  Steve has spent a lot of time this week checking the airbeds to make sure that we have no leaks in them, making sure the mosquito nets are still in one piece and repairing any problems.  We have also made sure we have enough sheets, and sleeping bags in case it gets cold.  Whilst at home Mr Touray arrived to see us, we sat in the garden with a cold drink for a while, before he left us. Sheila wanted us to go out to dinner, probably our last for just the three of us as it will be home time next week.  Somewhere new to us  was chosen nearby, a hotel called Leo's on the top of the cliff facing the sea. What a lovely place, certainly this will be on our list of places to visit for a special meal. The view is lovely, the gardens a delight and the menu different.  We even had a sweet, a genuine French lemon tart.  
Returning home we discovered power! Getting to be an unusual event, so we sat and watched a film with Kebba.

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