Friday, 1 May 2015

17th April, 2015. Friday, Barbecue day.

One thing about living here, we can plan a barbecue weeks in advance and we know it will be a sunny day.  Kebba was up before us and had hosed down all the garden furniture and was sweeping up all the fallen leaves etc in the garden. After breakfast Sheila and I set about cutting up meat and vegetables for the salad, setting the table, cooking the rice etc.  we worked until about 1pm and then having got changed we went into the garden with a cool glass of wine.  Meanwhile Steve was having his bad leg massaged again, three times a week whilst we are here.  At half past one, Steve went to the Senegambia hotel to collect Iain, Denise and Julie to join us and meet their fellow travellers for this weekend.  Christine, Robbie and Joanne arrived by taxi, Madi joined us and also Ousman.  Pauline and Olivia rang to say they would be late as they had taken Mariama to the hospital,  Mariama is the cook at Naata and is having a baby, when we visited last week she seemed to think that the baby was due in July, but she is enormous and when Pauline, who is a nurse, saw her today she was worried.  Everyone sat round chatting and getting to know each other, the newcomers asking lots of questions about the proposed trip on Sunday.  Pauline and Olivia eventually arrived and joined us in time for the food, Mariama is staying in the hospital as she has high blood pressure. Everyone was introduced and all got on well, a very pleasant afternoon was spent chatting and swimming in the sunshine until the sun was going down and the wind brought a chilly evening in, it was time to go and transport was arranged to share back to Kololi.  We quickly cleared up and sat down for the evening, however another power cut occurred and we decided on another early night!

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