Sunday, 12 April 2015

11th Aprill, 2015. Saturday. Clean Up Day

We woke to the sound of Kebba getting into a taxi to get to Naata before traffic was banned on the road until 1pm.  Sheila Steve and I had breakfast and then I decided to go and burn the rubbish on the road by the main road as I am tired of seeing it all.  I took the gas lighter and a rake and spent the next hour collecting piles of rubbish and burning it.  Several people passed and commented that I was doing a good job, and it was only after an hour that a man came and offered to help me, he also fetched me some cold water to drink as I was very hot by this time.  The man runs a shop over the road, but of course was not open this morning, he came to help and persuaded some of the other men to help and so soon there was quite a working party clearing the sides of the road.  Hopefully this has set a good example and people will try and keep the area clean now, a forlorn hope I think.  The biggest problem here apart from plastic bags is one of education, for generations rubbish has been left on the ground to disintegrate, unfortunately Western introduced goods including cans and plastic do not compost and stay on the ground.  No recycling facilities are yet fully available, although there is a man with a donkey cart who collects metal of any kind from time to time. After a shower and change Sheila and I went to Neil's bar for a quick lunch whilst Steve went off shopping.  We returned home and sat in the garden for the afternoon, later we ate dinner at home and for once we had power so were able to watch a film in the evening.

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