Friday, 1 May 2015

14th April, 2015. Tuesday. More deliveries

Steve is undergoing treatment on his leg at home, a very strong Nigerian lady is coming three times a week to do a massage on the damaged leg.  Sheila and I went to the storeroom with Kebba and loaded the truck for both Nemasu nursery school and the senior secondary school.  We drove to the senior school first and found the pupils revising for exams this afternoon.  We delivered some science equipment and books and spoke to the head teacher about the journalist assignments which some of the pupils are doing.  The idea behind this competition is that the students choose their own subject to write about and send them by email to Newsquest in England. Somewhere along the line the explanation about the email part had been lost and the students had submitted paper written copies to the head teacher.  I explained that the work was to be emailed and he promised to allow students time on the computers in the next few days.   We said our goodbyes and drove on to the nursery school, hoping to see the new toddler class in full swing.  Unfortunately Fatou was off sick today and Yunis was taking both the newcomers and class 1.  We will have to wait for next week to see the new pupils being taught by our newest trainee. Sheila and I returned home and collected Steve before driving to Kanifing to buy paint for our house maintenance and new dvd films.  Shopping is never easy here, as soon as you step out of the car you are approached by boys trying to persuade you in the direction of one shop or another, trying to convince you of the merits of one shop over another. I settled on one shop and asked for the paint we require and was assured they had it, just a short wait whilst they actually send out to another shop to fetch it.  This system works for them, commission must be paid somewhere along the line! Purchases completed we took the coast road back towards home and stopped at Yashminas for an early dinner.
Back home to relax for the rest of the day.

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