Friday, 1 May 2015

16th April, 2015. Thursday. Another day in the storeroom!

Our big dog, Buki, seems to have a problem with a bite received from a much smaller dog, a visit to the vet was the first item today.  An injection and some tablets and he will be fine, apparently German Shepherds are prone to blood disorders and are slow to heal wounds.  Buki is half German Shepherd and half Gambian dog so hopefully it will not be a serious problem. As we came out of the vet we got a call from Pauline who was hoping to come to the storeroom but unfortunately their taxi driver had no fuel.  We stopped at the petrol station and were told there was no fuel until maybe tomorrow.  I rang Omar to go and find some fuel for his minibus, otherwise we are not going anywhere this weekend!  We picked up Pauline and Olivia and took them to the storeroom, via the butcher to pick up the fillet steak for tomorrow. Sheila came round to help and the three of them started to sort the boxes intended for the medical clinics here which Pauline and Sheila will deliver this week.  Apart from a short break for a cold drink and lunch at Neil's, we were all in the store all day.  The first delivery for Kassama is to be taken tonight after 6, so the truck was loaded and we went home to wait 2 hours until the appointed time.  Tiring work in the store, everyone was falling asleep!  Steve drove Pauline, Olivia and Sheila down to the clinic whilst I stayed behind at home. They delivered the boxes, inspected the changes since their last visit and then Steve ran Pauline and Olivia back to the hotel, before returning home with Sheila for the rest of the evening.

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