Sunday, 12 April 2015

8th April, 2015. Wednesday. Naata and arrivals

The broken tiles are needed fIrst thing this morning, I took Kebba and Cham to Naata to continue the renovations, the toilet floor, the gates, and the painting.  Also the blackboards need painting so another job before Monday.  Arriving at the school we found Ebrima already there with the welder men who are fixing the supports for the gates.  We unloaded the truck and sorted out the items for each classroom, Cham sent Lamin for some water and started fixing the broken tiles onto the toilet floor.  Kebba and Ebrima got started on the mural painting, I took the gates and the welder men to their workshop.  Meanwhile Abdoulie arrived at the school to help with the sorting of the boxes.  Time was getting on, this weeks arrivals are due at half past twelve, I left the workers and set off to the airport to collect Sheila and meet Chris Brown and friends.  As I entered the airport I saw an old friend of ours from GTS and so we both went up to the restaurant for a cold drink while we waited for the arrivals.  The plane was on time, the passengers alighted and I went down to wait at the arrivals door, the man next to me, a familiar face, was remarking that we should have our own chairs there, the number of times we are at the airport!  Sheila came through with a friend from the plane, and the. Chris with her friends.  We all loaded the cars and set off to our respective destinations.  I called at the bank on the way to deposit some money brought from the Uk and got a staggering 74.5 dalasis to the pound,  Good for the charity, not so good for the locals who are struggling as tourism is down by 60% this season.  The IMF have just agreed to help The Gambia out with 10.5 million dollars.
After unpacking and settling in we went to Kololi to meet Chris and her friends for a meal and to decide an itinerary for the two weeks.  We had power when we got home and then spent some time chatting in the dark when it went off before retiring for the night.

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