Friday, 10 April 2015

7th April, 2015. Tuesday. Naata renovations

The painter wanted to start early this morning and planned to be at the school by 7am, Kebba, Steve and I set off around 9 as we needed to call at the bank again and also to pick up some blackboard paint which we were unable to get yesterday.  We arrived at Naata to find the painter well on with painting the wall inside the school. The gate has a problem as one of the hinges has broken and the welder was waiting for us to pay him so he could start the job.  We had returned the mended toilet door which was removed because of damage, mainly from splashes from the small boys and which has been re welded and painted.  The truck was also laden with boxes of paper, toys and books for the pupils, we unloaded everything and spent the morning tidying the classes ready for the return of the pupils on Monday.  Extra cupboards have been provided for the teachers to store the materials, the blackboards will be painted and the European toilet which is never used was removed and replaced with a Gambian toilet to cater for extra pupils.  Broken tiles were required to finish the floor in the toilet and Steve and I set off to source them so the job can be completed tomorrow.  We went to Kanifing and bought the tiles and then called at the large shopping plaza to buy new curtain rails for one of the guest rooms at home.  By this time it was 4 in the afternoon and we were extremely hungry, as we were driving through Kololi we decided to stop at .yashmina for an early tea.  Arriving home Steve decided to put up the curtain rails on his own and used a chair to stand on in the bedroom.  A shout alerted me to him falling off the chair having put his foot through the seat!  Fortunately he had not added to his list of recent injuries.  Kebba came home and helped him finish the job.  Tuesday is quiz night at Colours Bar, and we joined the usual crowd for the quiz night, the bar owners have checked and the quiz is not classed as gambling, so we played for money and won again.

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