Friday, 10 April 2015

4th April, 2015. Saturday. truck collection and WIFI!!

We were up early this morning and we were just about to have breakfast when we got a call to say that we had finally got a truck on the way to take a delivery to the area east of Farafenni. Kebba fetched a boy to mind the compound and we went round to the storeroom to start getting everything out ready.  The call was as always optimistic and we ended up waiting for an hour or so.  The truck eventually arrived, along with Ousman who had arranged it for us.  Kebba and the drivers boys loaded the goods onto the flat back truck and secured everything down with ropes.  We had furniture and boxes to go, far too much for our own vehicle and not enough time to take them.  By the time we had paid the driver, given instructions and arranged for it to be met at Kumbija it was after 12 noon and we were very hungry.  So we went round to Neil's bar for "Brunch" and to use the wifi which was working and at a reasonable speed as well. Getting the Blog up to date after all our network and power problems took 3 hours, during which time Steve managed 3 beers, which as anyone who knows him will tell you is one too many.  We returned home where Steve slept for the rest of the afternoon.  We had no power again this evening, but as it was still early we put the generator on for a film, which fortunately had just finished when we ran out of fuel.

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