Sunday, 12 April 2015

10th April, 2015. Friday. New classroom finished at Nemasu.

Yesterday the glass for the windows at Nemasu was cut and finished and we loaded the truck carefully to avoid broken glass.  We set off to collect Chris, Joanne and Robbie to go to Nemasu to prepare the classroom for the pupils on Monday.  I dropped Kebba on the highway to buy mastic and drove to the hotel for Chris and party.  I decided not to drive down the bumpy road to the hotel, and as Chris was not answering her phone Sheila walked down to meet them.  We picked Kebba and Modou up at the turntable complete with mastic, and set off through Sukuta to the school.  half way down the road to the school the way was blocked by a large group of men, there was a funeral taking place and we had to do a long detour to reach our destination.  We met Mr Sallah at the school and spent the morning cleaning the class and the furniture, setting out toys and books and arranging the furniture ready for the new pupils.  Meanwhile Kebba and Modou fitted the glass into the windows, not always getting it right first time, as at the end we were left with a pane too large and had to find the smaller window and swap the pieces.  Robbie did a good job of putting the black paper onto the new plywood boards ready for new displays.  Yunis will take the new class on Monday and we will employ a new caretaker to replace him.  Everything was finished to Mr Sallah's satisfaction, we piled back into the truck and I dropped Chris, Joanne and Robbie back at their hotel.  Sheila and I returned home with bread for a sandwich and then spent the afternoon relaxing before going out to Cabanas for our evening meal.  We returned home to no power again, and the generator decided not to work so another early night!

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