Sunday, 12 April 2015

9th April, 2015. Thursday. Change of plan.

Mr Sowe rang this morning and told us that this Saturday is clean up day again, so our plan to put up the notice and black boards in the new classroom at Nemasu had to be brought forward.  Kebba organised a boy for the compound and we set off to the storeroom to get the spare generator for the power drill and then to the builders shop to buy the boards.  All purchases secured on the back, we travelled down to Nemasu where the keys for the new classroom had been left with the caretakers family.  We opened the school and got on with the work required, Sheila and I cleaned the classroom, whilst Steve, Kebba and Cham put up the boards.  The work took some time, and then we left and set off for Naata to drop the boys to finish the work there; unfortunately the caretaker had been called away and we couldn't get into the school, so returned home.  We had a quiet afternoon and then went to Neil's bar for our evening meal.  We had power at home and were able to catch up with the news before bedtime.

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