Saturday, 14 March 2015

7th March, 2015. Saturday. Truck service

Back to the bank again this morning to get money for our journey and more cement for the plastering at the school.  Then Steve took the truck for servicing at Musa’s garage which is at least a half day job!  I went to the storeroom to get everything ready for the deliveries at our three rural schools.  I spent the rest of the morning filling boxes with essential supplies and gifts from sponsors, dividing items between all 5 of our nursery schools, and packing boxes ready for 3 of them this weekend.  Steve arrived back from servicing the car around 2pm, we loaded all the boxes on for tomorrow and then we decided to go out for a leisurely lunch at Cabanas, a very nice beach bar with the added bonus of wifi.  We were able to park where we could keep an eye on the truck and still enjoy the view of the beach.  After a very nice couple of hours we headed home for the evening.  Another power cut this evening, 9pm onwards, so another early night.

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