Saturday, 7 March 2015

5th March, 2015 Thursday. Delivery for Kampasa

Up early this morning as the transport for Kampasa was promised for between 9 and 10. Steve stayed at home while Kebba, Cham, Yusef and I went to the store to take out the items needed.  We spent 20 minutes loading everything onto the verandah ready for the truck before we received a call to say it had been delayed and maybe another 2-3 hours.  A few shoulder shrugs and everything was put back inside, this is Gambia and everyone is used to waiting!.  I locked the store, Kebba went to Nemasu with Cham and I went home.  Fontou was busy cleaning on my return and was very happy that the wind has ceased.  Steve and I had breakfast and waited for the call that the truck had arrived, finally at 11.30 we got a call that it was on it’s way and so we went to the store to meet Mr Touray and load the boxes onto the Gelly bus for its journey to Kampasa.  We took everything ready from the store and loaded it onto the verandah.  The driver then rang to say he had stopped for breakfast and may be another hour! Mr Touray insisted that we leave him there and get on with the rest of our day, I returned home and Steve went to do some food shopping.  He passed Mr Touray who was still there 20 minutes later and gave him a bottle of cold water to drink.  We were at home for the rest of the day.

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