Saturday, 14 March 2015

6th March, 2015 Friday. Brikama college

Off to the bank again first thing this morning, the building work continues at Nemasu, more cement for the floor needed and the plastering this weekend.  We had loaded the truck before we arrived at the bank and so we set off for Brikama to check on the progress of our students and to deliver some teaching resources.   On arrival we went to the office of Mr Korita, who oversees the ECD training and assesses the students in their own nursery schools.  He was in good spirits when we entered and was asking how Steve’s foot was.  It seems as if the whole of the Gambia know that Steve has been ill.  The college fees are not set to go up this year as far as he knows, which is good news.  We currently have 6 students on the Early Child Development course, (ECD) 3 in the first year and 3 in the second year of three.  They have all achieved the pass mark and above for the first two terms of this year and have all been attending well.  We spent some time discussing the course and listening to new ideas.  Then we unloaded the truck and set off back towards Yundum to visit Hart House school for special needs pupils where we delivered a gift from sponsors in the UK.  The gift was in a large box and we were expecting a pool table inside, however it turned out to be a compendium of games, pool, chess, skittles, football and more.  Mr Hart was very pleased and we took photographs before leaving.
We called at Wild Monkey bar on the way home for lunch and then returned to the house for the afternoon.  Kebba was at home as they had finished concreting the floor and were leaving it to dry over the weekend whilst the pupils were not around.  He called Omar for us who we are hoping will drive us to the provinces on Sunday as Steve’s foot is not yet up to driving that distance.  Omar arrived and we made our arrangements for Sunday morning.  We then settled down for the evening, shortly after 7 Ousman arrived with Agie and spent an hour or so with us.  He had managed to get us a priority letter, but instead of the usual open crossing for 3 months, we were only able to get a one off crossing for this weekend, and will have to apply again next time we go.    We had planned to watch a film this evening, but we had one of the frequent power cuts shortly after Ousman left, our generator is broken at the moment, so we went to bed early instead.

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