Sunday, 15 March 2015

11th March, 2015. Wednesday. Nemasu

Tired after our journey yesterday, we were up a little later than usual and Kebba was waiting for us.  The building at Nemasu is now up to ring beam level and they need timber for the carpenter to start work.  Back to the bank, a well trodden journey.  The three of us then went onto the timber yard to buy some of the timber needed to start.  On to Nemasu to deliver the timber and a short meeting with Mr Sallah, discussing the results of both trainee teachers who are on the course at Brikama.  We left just before lunch and went into Kololi to use the Wifi at the Wild monkey have coffee and then return home.  We are hoping to start a solar bore hole at Kumbija this week and so on the way home we called at Waterpoint, the company who will be doing the work.  Everything is set to start on Friday, providing we pay tomorrow!  Another visit to the bank in the morning.
We were just about to go out for dinner, when Hammy rang to say he had some people who were possibly interested in buying the villa behind us and would we show them around?  So half an hour later we were round the corner acting as estate agents for our friends.  Eventually after darkness had fallen we were able to go to dinner, we headed for Timeless as there was bingo on at Neils bar.

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