Sunday, 15 March 2015

10th March 2015, Tuesday. Home again

Up with the sun and packed the truck before the first of the pupils arrived.  Jamwelly is now also a Lower Basic School on a double shift system, the nursery children arriving in the morning .  We were able to visit the classes and chat to the teachers before leaving to take the school bicycles into Kaur for repair.  The head teacher came with us and we left him in Kaur to do some other shopping whilst waiting for the bicycles.  Channeh, the former head, had asked us to collect a fridge freezer from her former home here in Kaur as she is now living in Sukuta for at least another year.  We arrived at the house and several boys carried out a very battered looking object, the motor had dropped out of the back and was being carried separately.  We rang Channeh and said that the fridge was ‘spoilt’ (a term used for anything which no longer works) and we thought it was pointless to take back.  She insisted however, so Steve gave in and we loaded the damaged item onto the back of the truck.  We went for breakfast at the same café as yesterday, and then set off home.  We had only gone about 5 miles when the door fell off the top half of the fridge and we had to stop and secure it in the back of the truck.  Much grumbling from Omar declaring the whole exercise a waste of time, I agreed with him, but Steve insisted we take it, so on we went.  The journey back after that was quite uneventful, we had a short wait for the ferry and we stopped to take photos of an eagle and other birds, but apart from that we arrived in Sukuta to deliver said fridge around 5pm.  It was unloaded and stored in the house belonging to Channeh’s sister.  Omar then delivered us and the truck back home and we had a short rest before going round to Neils’ bar for dinner.

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