Saturday, 1 February 2014

28.1.14 Tuesday. Naata

Omar collected Mell, Linda and I in the morning and we went to collect Christine and party to go to Naata for the morning session.  The classes were in full swing when we arrived and again we split between the classrooms to observe the teaching.  Breaktime was called and the English teachers joined in with lots of action games and rhymes for the children to learn.  After a prolonged break we all got back into the minibus and travelled to the turntable where a few food items were bought, before everyone came back to the house for lunch.  Alan was the only one to brave the pool, the wind is making it quite chilly at the moment.  We all sat around and chatted over lunch and then the others left whilst we went to the storeroom to load the truck for tomorrow as we are travelling up to Jamwelly.   Everything secured tightly onto the truck we got changed and drove to the quiz, holding on to our winning streak as ‘The Clever Bastards from Yonder!’

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