Saturday, 1 February 2014

23.1.14 Thursday Makasutu

Omar came for us this morning and we set off to visit Makasutu park, calling at the bank on the way to meet Mr Jallow and give him the wages for January.  He joined us in the minibus for a lift down to the school and then we left him for Brikama and the game park.  This park was started by two English men a few years ago and has been developed into an eco lodge hotel and a forest park. We opted for the half day excursion and were joined by our guide, Ousman, for the morning.  The park is home to baboons, and we soon met a troop crossing the path in front of us.  Lots of photograph opportunities and then we went to what is called base camp for our boat ride through the mangroves.  Back from the boat we had a cold drink and then decided to have a swim in the newly constructed pool.  A very pleasant afternoon; followed by a walk through the park; an opportunity to meet a palm wine tapper; watch how he climbs the tree to collect the palm and a taste of the product. The wine is non alcoholic when collected, but very soon ferments into something quite strong!  we had the newly collected wine to taste.   We then returned to the tourist area in Kololj where we had lunch at Al Rawshe followed by ice cream at the parlour.  Whilst we were enjoying the day Kebba was in touch to say that more workers had been stung by bees and so they had now filled up the hole in the tree where the bees were living, they have almost finished the wall, so he will be back tonight. 

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