Saturday, 1 February 2014

24.1.14 Friday. Gill’s last day

This week has passed so quickly! A last opportunity for some serious sunbathing for Gill round the pool this morning, a chance to relax before returning home and work. .  John, Mell and Steve went to do a delivery at St John’s school for the deaf, and Jim and I spent the morning in the storeroom, sorting some supplies out.  We are finding that we are getting less exercise books from England as more schools are using IPads now.  If anyone out there has some we would be very grateful, please send them to Christine at the contact address.  Kebba had been in touch yesterday to say that the last ferry had gone at 7 instead of 11 last night and so he had spent the night in Barra, so he arrived later in the morning.  We decided to return to the beach this afternoon as the sea has enormous waves today and we are all good swimmers.  Great fun had by all, and our local beach bar even lent us a boogie board!
The last night, a chance to dress up and go to Cabanas our newest bar here in the tourist area, cocktails, tapas and an evening meal by sunset.

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