Saturday, 1 February 2014

27.1.14 Monday. Nemasu

Omar came along with his minibus this morning to collect Linda and I.then on to meet up with Alan and the ladies to go to Nemasu.. Steve took Mell down to Batakonko to Kassimas clinic to help out today, and James went with Kebba to visit John, one of the builders he worked with last week.  We arrived at Nemasu to find Fatou having a PE lesson with her class in the playground.  We watched for the rest of the lesson, and then whilst I met with Mr Sallah, the rest of the party split up and spent the morning between the three classrooms, observing lessons.  Breaktime, the pupils are allowed to use things from the storeroom and so lots of skipping ropes, toy cars and of course footballs in particular are used every day.  After break we walked to the well and saw how the pump was being used.  A small problem has arisen as the run off from the excess water is now making the ground very boggy around the well.  A solution was discussed and the funds made available from Addingham Ceihdl, and so on our return home James, John and Kebba organised the materials to fix the problem over the next couple of days.
Mell enjoyed her visit to the clinic, arriving in time to assist with a circumcision!  The 5 of us walked around to Neil’s bar in the evening for a meal and a beer of course!

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