Saturday, 28 February 2015

20th February, 2015 Friday. Storeroom

Up early with the sunshine; breakfast with Kebba and Sanaba.  We drive the short distance to the storeroom so we can load the truck.  The container arrived in December and I had a short visit where I arranged the unloading and then everything was stored away until our return.  The store is full to the doors with chairs down each aisle making it difficult to move around.  We have been asked to send books to Region 6, the far end of the country where they rarely get supplies.  We are going to be here for only 10 weeks and will not have the time to deliver everything ourselves and this is a good option for us.  The Government will provide a large truck and so we set about sorting through the 800+ boxes kindly donated by our supporters to find suitable boxes to send.  Many boxes are marked with a particular destination school from a twin in the UK and they are put to one side, along with any which we have been asked to keep until the sponsor is able to visit themselves.  Tonbridge School in Kent have sent several boxes for Nemasu Senior Secondary School and we load these into the truck when we find them, ready for an early delivery next week.  Steve is sent to get water and biscuits for Sanaba, Kebba and I as this is going to be a long job!
We spend several hours sorting and arranging before going home to unload the Nemasu boxes into our hallway.
Steve and I have a quick wash and then drive to Timeless restaurant at the turntable to meet Channeh, the previous headteacher at Jamwelly who is down in this area on a Head Teachers Management course.  We all have an early tea and a long chat, Channeh would like us to take her when we travel to Jamwelly on a Thursday so she can collect items from her old home.   Home for a relaxing evening.

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