Saturday, 26 April 2014

22.4.14 Tuesday. Vets, bank, Nemasu

Our Vet, Micha, opens at 8am and we were there first thing with Tiger and also CiCi our latest kitten, both for spaying, a routine operation.  Then off to the bank to meet Mr Jallow to hand over the wages cheques for the summer.  Our next call was Nemasu Senior Secondary School where we delivered the computers which Steve had prepared at the weekend.  This school has recently had a new block built for science and technology so was in desperate need of more computers.
Our last call today was Nemasu nursery to deliver the summer wages and 2 boxes of supplies needed to keep them going until our return.  Yunis met us at the gate and helped us unload a cupboard which we had brought for Abdou in classroom 3.  Mr Sallah arrived and we went through all the paperwork before leaving to return home.
We actually managed an afternoon off, and Steve got into the pool for a change!  A pleasant afternoon, before returning to the Vet to collect our animals.  Tiger was sleepy but fine, but unfortunately CiCi was quite poorly.  It would seem she was older than we thought and had been caught by one of the local tomcats.  Instead of being pregnant she had been given an infection and Micha had had to give her a complete hysterectomy.  He had kept all her ‘bits’ to show us how bad they were and they were laid out on the table, not something we expected!  He lent us a proper carrying basket to take her home with instructions to keep her quiet and bring her back tomorrow. 
This evening a new Quiz night at a different bar has been started to replace the one at the Courtyard which closed a few weeks ago, we decided to go along for the first night and were pleased to see all the regular faces.  Lots of banter as usual, a different quiz master, but we still won!! 

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